Schedule – revised 28th July 2015


Due to the late withdrawal of the Haudenosaunee team, the original schedule has been revised.

Pool play takes place from 23rd July until 28th July, with a rest day for all teams on 27th July. From 29th July to 1st August the play is split into a Championship bracket plus a Platinum Division in which teams will be reseeded to play countries they have not played. They will play 2 Division Games and then be re-ranked for classification matches.

Pool APool BPool C
AustraliaCzech Republic
CanadaGermanyNew Zealand
WalesColombiaRepublic of Korea

Pool Play

Thursday 23rd July

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
1Thu 23-Jul12:00Czech Republic2-28Australia1
2Thu 23-Jul12:30Finland11-7Colombia2
4Thu 23-Jul15:00Wales2-19England2
5Thu 23-Jul17:00Japan9-8New Zealand1
6Thu 23-Jul17:30USA15-9Canada2
7Thu 23-Jul19:30Scotland16-9Germany1
3Thu 23-JulRepublic of Korea3-2Israel1
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Friday 24th July

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
8Fri 24-JulIsrael0-19New Zealand1
9Fri 24-Jul12:00Republic of Korea10-12Colombia1
10Fri 24-Jul12:30England12-5Japan2
11Fri 24-Jul14:30Germany20-4Finland1
12Fri 24-Jul17:00Czech Republic8-19Scotland1
13Fri 24-Jul17:30Wales0-19USA2
14Fri 24-Jul19:30Australia10-11Canada1
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Saturday 25th July

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
15Sat 25-Jul9:30Japan20-2Republic of Korea1
17Sat 25-Jul14:30Czech Republic6-13Germany1
18Sat 25-Jul15:00Canada9-8England2
19Sat 25-Jul17:00Wales11-10New Zealand1
20Sat 25-Jul17:30Colombia2-18Scotland2
21Sat 25-Jul19:30USA19-6Australia1
16Sat 25-JulFinland12-0Israel1
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Sunday 26th July

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
23Sun 26-Jul12:00Germany18-1Colombia1
24Sun 26-Jul12:30Finland11-13Czech Republic2
25Sun 26-Jul14:30Canada12-3Wales1
26Sun 26-Jul17:00Scotland2-16Japan1
27Sun 26-Jul17:30New Zealand20-1Republic of Korea2
28Sun 26-Jul19:30England13-14Australia1
22Sun 26-JulIsrael0-18USA1
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Monday 27th July
Common rest day – no games

Tuesday 28th July

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
29Tue 28-Jul9:30Colombia7-22Czech Republic1
31Tue 28-Jul14:30New Zealand17-6Germany1
32Tue 28-Jul15:00Australia19-3Wales2
33Tue 28-Jul17:00Scotland21-9Finland1
34Tue 28-Jul17:30Canada20-0Republic of Korea2
35Tue 28-Jul19:30England4-19USA1
30Tue 28-JulJapan21-1Israel1
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Bracket Plays

Championship Bracket: Wednesday 29th July & Thursday 30th July
Please note further FIL changes to the schedule for games on 30th July – apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
36Wed 29-Jul09:30Canada19-0Scotland2
37Wed 29-Jul12:30Australia13-4Japan2
39Wed 29-Jul14:30USA18-1New Zealand1
41Wed 29-Jul17:00England12-4Wales2
43Thu 30-Jul10:00Wales5-8New Zealand1
46Thu 30-Jul15:00Japan11-2Scotland1
47Thu 30-Jul15:30USA20-4England2
49Thu 30-Jul18:00Canada17-3Australia2
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Platinum Division: Wednesday 29th July & Thursday 30th July
Please note further FIL changes to the schedule for games on 30th July – apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
38Wed 29-Jul12:00Israel8-15Colombia1
40Wed 29-Jul17:00Germany7-5Finland1
42Wed 29-Jul19:30Czech Republic18-5Republic of Korea1
44Thu 30-Jul10:30Germany24-1IsraelAstroturf
45Thu 30-Jul12:30Colombia4-15Czech Republic1
48Thu 30-Jul17:30Republic of Korea9-12Finland1
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Final Placement & Medal Games

Friday 31st July & Saturday 1st August

#DAYTimeHome TeamResultAway TeamPitch
50Fri 31-Jul9:30Republic of Korea11-3Israel1
51Fri 31-Jul10:00Germany9-5Czech Republic2
52Fri 31-Jul12:00Finland11-8Colombia1
53Fri 31-Jul14:30Wales14-12Scotland1
54Sat 01-Aug9:30Japan8-10New Zealand1
55Sat 01-Aug12:15Australia9-10England2
56Sat 01-Aug15:00USA8-9Canada2
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